Following extensive research and development by our engineering team, we are pleased to annouce the release of our Ground Power Unit Safety System. The system is unique in that it not only prevents the drive off but it also alerts the management team of any potential issue. The system monitors both the head and tow bar position and should an operator attempt to lower the tow bar before placing the charging head in its cradle, an alert will sound and strobe will flash. In addition, a SMS Text and email will be sent to the relevent departments. Even if the situation has been rectified, you will still receive the alert allowing management the breathing space to provide additional training without the aircraft damage associated with a drive off. Initial trials in Faro were extremely well received and the system is currently being rolled out to all bases. 

The system comes with a variety of options including a custom designed Charging holder and Heavy duty self adjusting white sounders. GPS tracking is included as standard with customised reporting facilities and App tracking. 


In association with Ryanair, we produced the Instruction Video above. This is used in all Ground Handling training seminars showing the importance of correct usage of the GPU equipment. For further details, please contact